Don’t Let Princeton Vote For Us

Posted on July 26, 2011


There is a petition circulating asking Area H residents to support their democratic independence within the regional district. Here is what the information sheet says:

A referendum for Princeton together with the diverse communities of Area H is scheduled for September 24. The process is flawed. The amalgamation of the Town of Princeton and Area H into one voting district is wrong. This is a subversion of the democratic process. As it stands, people in Area H will not be able to decide for themselves.

Here are some relevant facts:

If all Princeton residents vote yes, and all Area H residents vote no, then the referendum would pass and Area H residents would have to pay for something to which they have poor access and, in many cases don’t want. The ability to decide is unbalanced.

46% of Area H residents are seasonal. Many will be away when voting occurs. It is highly likely that they will not hear about this in time and thus not be counted.

Princeton has a higher population than Area H. The people who live there stand to gain the most, as well as pay the least. They’re getting a good deal and will probably vote accordingly.

Most people in Area H pay property tax, including low income residents, and there are very few people renting. Many residents in Princeton Town are renters who will likely not be concerned about a parcel tax.

Area H covers 4,815 square kilometres and the average time to get to Princeton from most communities is half an hour each way by car. Princeton covers an area of 10 square kilometers and most residents would be within walking distance of the proposed facility.

There are 1995 taxable parcels in Area H and only 1496 in Princeton. That means that Area H will pay much more towards this proposed Aquatic Centre.

Princeton will pay $508,640 per year. Area H will pay $678,300 per year.

With more voting Princeton residents than Area H residents, there is a real possibility that this referendum will pass, yet costs and benefits are unmatched to the different areas.

Please sign the petition to get RDOS to give us back our independence.

You can download a copy of this information sheet by going to the Resources -> Area H Petition link at the top of the page.

Editorial note: The above numbers are no longer correct. On July 28 RDOS released new numbers showing there to be 1291 parcels for Princeton and 2053 parcels for Area H. This makes the disparity much greater than was originally reported on the above quoted information sheet.