Same Consultant – Different Story

Posted on July 26, 2011


[Nienke Klaver] ~ In the spring of 2008, the Town of Princeton retained Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc (BCA), Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants (PERC), and their consultant team of structural, code, and costing professionals to consider the feasibility of an indoor aquatic centre. They do not recommend or advise against the pool.

The same consultants did a feasibility study for the city of Vanderhoof, which has a similar population base and similar building costs for the pool.

In the Vanderhoof feasibility study, the consultants advised against the pool because a population of 4000 was not enough in their opinion to be able to afford the aquatic centre (same costs etc. as ours). Instead they suggested that Vanderhoof should get together with the outlying areas which brings the figure to 13000. Our Princeton population plus Area H is 5400, however there are only 3549 parcels, consequently the costs will be born by the 3549 property owners or LESS, since some people have more properties. Why did the consultants not advise against this project as they did in the Vanderhoof study?

I sincerely hope that the consultants will be able to give a clear and reasonable explanation for this serious inconsistency.