There Should Be Two Votes

Posted on August 4, 2011


[Spencer Coyne] ~ Area H does carry a lot of what happens in the town including the Arena and now Riverside.

As for this referendum I am a little perplexed as to why the Town residents are voting on the same referendum question as Area H residents are. It will be the RDOS borrowing the money not the town. Therefore at the end of the day it will the residents of Area H and the RDOS who will be on the hook for the money. I still think that there should be 2 votes 1 for Area H since they are borrowing the money and 1 for the Town to join into a servicing agreement or however that is going to work.

As for throwing numbers around here are some numbers from this weeks News Leader:

According to the RDOS, the bylaw for the Referendum has been established with a limit of $1,206,500, which includes yearly debt servicing of $456,500 and a projected total operating expense (before fee revenue) of $750,000.the Provincial Ministry, which is the approving authority on referendums, requires the most conservative numbers available for the bylaw maximum.

Here’s the interesting part, those numbers produce a Parcel Tax in the range of $340.00, so the ‘never increase’ notion is incorrect, however, the referendum would have to be based on those numbers.

I know there are a lot of heated opinions around this aquatic centre and those who want it, want it and those who don’t, don’t. I also know there are a lot and I mean A LOT of people who are worried about the cost. I have only talked to a few people who have told me that they are against a new swimming pool. What they are worried about is the cost. The increase in taxes, the deficit and the projected revenues. Some people are also concerned about the land ownership. Personally I think it is great that people are concerned about it. They should be. If they are concerned then they will ask questions the more questions the more answers the more answers the better.

Gerri and Geri both live out the Summerland Rd. and when they speak about what is feel of the people out there is I trust their word. They are both very well respected people, Gerri Logan was an Area H representative and Geri Swanson not only has she been a long time resident of the community out that way was the publisher of the Spotlight. There are some very knowledgeable people in this group [Facebook – Ed.] and everyone has a right to their opinion and a chance to be heard. We all need to respect that!