Message from Committee – Separate Votes

Posted on August 5, 2011


[Nadine McEwen] ~ Message from the Princeton & District Aquatic Centre Referendum Committee

The Princeton & District Aquatic Centre Referendum Committee will be mailing out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ-revision 3) information packages to every land owner in the Town of Princeton and Area H within the next few weeks. This package will give answers to the many questions that the committee has been asked from tax payers regarding parcel tax, how to vote, where to vote and the potential aquatic centre design.

The current FAQ-revision 2 dated July 26, 2011 has some changes that everyone should be made aware of that have been received from the RDOS office in the past 8 days.

1) The legal number of parcels of land that will be charged a tax on is 3,344 parcels. This figure has been reduced from the orginal 3,549 due to mobile home folios that cannot be legally charged the parcel tax. The “most likely” parcel tax will increase to $301 based on the consultant’s budget that includes potential revenues that an Aquatic Centre will produce. The maximum amount that can be charged according to the bylaw is $361.00 (without revenues). The maximum tax amounts to less than $1.00 a day for a parcel of land per year.

2) The RDOS Board of Directors voted in favor of the RDOS Area H tax payers voting seperately from the Town of Princeton on Thursday, August 4, 2011. This means that Princeton tax payers and RDOS Area H tax payers will both vote on September 24 and ballots cast will counted seperately. The Town of Princeton will require 50% plus 1 of the ballots cast and the RDOS will require 50% plus 1 of the ballots cast for the referendum to be successfull.

The Princeton and District Aquatic Centre Committee welcomes invitations from community groups, clubs, and outline areas to attend meetings, events, or programs to discuss the upcoming Referendum on September 24, 2011.

Please share this information with your family, friends and neighbors.