Missezula Takes Lead with Non-Resident Voting

Posted on August 31, 2011


Since there has been no information sent out from the Princeton Aquatic Centre committee about how and when to vote in the referendum, people in the communities are taking a lead. The www.princetonaquaticcentre.com web site is one example, and the posters that others are putting up is another. A really noteworthy effort is being shown by the Missezula Lake Property Owners Association (MLPOA) who is sending out a letter, including the needed forms, to speed up the application for non-resident mail-in ballots.

The application needs to be filled out and signed by the person who will be voting. Please note that only one Non Resident is eligible to vote per property. If you own more than one property you are only permitted to vote once. You must also submit copies of 2 pieces of identification. One must have a signature (eg. Driver’s License or Passport) and one must show the address of your of your property (eg. Notice of Assessment).

We have enclosed a copy of the Non-Resident Consent Form. If you have more than one person on title for your property, you need to complete this form as well and send it along with your application.

We have included with the enclosed application a printed sticker with the legal address of your property. Please verify this information with your Notice of Assessment.

RDOS and the Princeton Aquatic Centre Committee will also be mailing out some information to property owners and residents, but it is expected that it will be quite late and not become available to some people in time. This is especially likely to be the case in Area H where many people are non-resident and will be leaving the area around this time of year.

We have chosen to provide you with this package as we feel all property owners need to be informed of this critical vote. There is a very short time line that allows you to apply for a Ballot Package then receive the ballot, vote and mail it in. In sending you this information, we hope to stream line the process and allow you the opportunity to have your say.

Visit the Missezula Lake web site.
Official information on voting, and the mail-in voting forms, can be found on the RDOS Princeton Aquatic Centre Other Voting page.