Princeton Pool Perspective – What is going on?

Posted on September 14, 2011


[Ed Muckle] ~ What is Going On ??? Does the Mayor want a New Pool?

He appoints a Committee to “Determine the FACTS”. They turn out to be a rah rah crowd with no information. No Definite location for the pool. No specific Plan of what they want to build. No Guarantee of cost of construction or operation. They tout an annual cost of $361.00 per year per parcel yet they have no specifics on what they will be operating. Why are there so many questions about the “comparable information” provided by the “independent consultants”?

The Mayor and the Area H rep have refused to go on public record on the CBC regarding the pool. What are they trying to hide? No one can tell us where the three million dollars needed above the borrowing is coming from.

Borrowing six million dollars will max out our community borrowing so heaven help us if the current huge deficit in infrastructure maintenance causes a major sewer or water failure. How will we get the funds to cope? And what about the 2.5 million for the new town hall? Didn’t that new similar size building on Tapton go up for under 1 million?

Is the Mayor so desperate for a legacy beyond the library and industrial park fiascos that he is willing to bankrupt our community? Due diligence seemed to be lacking on the library and the result was way overbudget and a very late finish. Now the same Mayor and Council want Nine million dollars to spend on a fantasy pool and again the presentation shows a complete lack of due diligence.

Are you willing to give this Mayor and Council unlimited access to your wallet for the next 20 years?? I am not.

Ed Muckle