Time to re-group

Posted on October 1, 2011


[Nat] ~ Thank heaven the pool initiative was defeated. There were too many unanswered questions, too many inequities, too many generalizations. And far, far too much invective.

But I suspect that the majority who voted against the initiative would also agree that the pool idea is a good one. It would be an asset to the town, and thus an asset to the entire community as a whole. So rather than giving up – which would leave many of the pool supporters frustrated – may I suggest that it is time to re-group, and go back to the table for an open discussion (perhaps including an electronic platform, so that part-time residents, whose taxes are equally affected, could participate?) about re-framing the project?

I’d like to suggest several ideas that I believe should feature in a new round of discussions:

1) An equitable tax distribution
2) The possibility of a thorough re-build of the existing pool (surely this could be done for less than the nine million for a new pool?)
3) A definite plan as to the finished pool, so that we know what we are voting on
4) A plan that would allow the pool to be used for lap swimming/competitions as well as recreation – this would enlarge its usefulness
5) A drive for private and corporate funding to offset the tax burden
6) Knowing before any vote what grants are to be relied upon

And a moratorium on hate mail, invective and scurrilous letters in the paper (one might also hope for a more neutral position from one of our newspapers, which in the final weeks was a hotbed of partisanship).

We must thank the pool committee for their hard work; and we must hope that the whole issue can be re-opened without any haste, for community input and discussion, so that the development of a pool with broad public support and usefulness can be developed. The initiative is dead; we may hope that the idea of a broadly useful, all-season pool is not.