Municipal Elections

Posted on October 28, 2011


Electors of the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen Area ‘H’ will elect a Director for the three years term ending in the fall of 2014. You do not need to register prior to voting day. You are required to produce two (2) pieces of ID that together prove who you are and where you live. One MUST have your signature.

General voting day is Saturday November 19, and the advance vote will be held on Wednesday November 9. Similar to the Princeton Aquatic Centre Referendum, there is a possibility of using a mail-in ballot. The rules are the same as before, but you can get more information from the RDOS web site. Since there are so may people in Area ‘H’ who are not here this time of year it is important that this election information gets to them in time. Please help to inform them if you can.

There are two candidates for the position of Area ‘H’ director. Brad Hope, who is the current director, and Charles Weber from the Princeton Aquatic Centre Committee.

Some people may also have property in the Town of Princeton and be eligible to vote for the Mayor there. Similar to the situation in other districts which contain a municipality, this position has a strong effect on policy decisions that also effect our Area ‘H’ communities, so please don’t miss out on voicing your opinion there. The two relevant candidates are Fred Thomas, and Randy McLean who is the current Mayor.