Amalgamate Area ‘H’ with Princeton?

Posted on November 3, 2011


The responses to the below question (in oder of presentation) were as follows:
* Charles Weber – YES
* Brad Hope – NO
* Fred Thomas – NO
* Randy McLean – Unclear
* Councillors – Varied from “yes”, through “maybe” and “probably not”, to “no”.

Tonight will be the All Candidates Forum at the Riverside Centre. This Forum is hosted by the Princeton & District Chamber of Commerce. This allows them to ask several questions of their own which have been sent out to the candidates so that we can get better prepared answers. There will be three of these questions from the Chamber and one, in particular, hits at the heart of Area ‘H’ concerns.

In 1966, the BC Government established the “regional district” concept of local government in hopes of dealing with problems that transcended traditional municipal boundaries. The purpose of regional districts is three-fold: they are regional governments that deliver regional services; they are inter-municipal and provide a political and administrative framework for the delivery of services on a partnership basis; and they can offer local government services for unincorporated areas.

Concern to residents in neighbouring municipalities is the question of representation on regional district boards. The Board of Directors in the RDOS is made up of 10 municipal elected officials from Summerland, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos and Princeton and 8 regional directors representing Kaleden/Okanagan Falls, Naramata, Okanagan Lake West/West Bench, Keremeos Rural/Hedley, Cawston, Rural Princeton, Rural Oliver and Rural Osoyoos. This governing body makes economic decisions on for all communities in this region. Municipal voters have no direct vote in deciding which of their elected representatives will be on their regional board of directors.

Regions need to be treated fairly and appropriately and a review of this governing body and its role is needed. The Chamber recognizes that “District Municipalities” are a fair and equitable way to govern, with elected officials representing the citizens of each individual community. If elected, would you vote in favour of putting the question of amalgamation to referendum?

Amalgamation would have serious consequences for small communities. If you want to hear what the two candidates, Brad Hope and Charlie Webb, have to say about this, please attend the All Candidates Forum.

Date: Thursday, November 3 /11
Place: Riverside Centre, 148 Old Hedley Road
Time: 6:30 pm
Moderator: Keith Olsen
Timer: Lori Thomas, Manager, Princeton & District Chamber of Commerce
Presented by: Princeton and District Chamber of Commerce