Area H Director Nominations

Posted on October 2, 2014


An important conversation about the future of our Area ‘H’ communities.

With the municipal elections coming up, it is time to think about what will happen next. Brad Hope says he will be stepping down and nominations are open for the position of Director. This is a very important position from our perspective because it is the only voice that our diverse communities have at the RDOS.

It is important that the next director be well connected to the area and willing to attend the various community association meetings. Not only do we need someone who is available to help in the dozen or so communities, but we need someone with history here. There is a lot to know about what has been going on, and much to know about the current situation and projects which are relevant to the people of Area ‘H’. This would not be an easy task for someone who does not have local roots.

I think it is important that we have a discussion about what we the people require of the director’s position, and that we encourage those whom we think are qualified to put their name in the hat and that we nominate them. We have very little time left because the window for nominations started September 30 and is only open for 12 days. That’s until the end of next week.

What happens in the next 10 days could have a big impact on how well our communities survive the next 4 years. Let’s not lose what we’ve gained.

~ Ole Juul

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