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Time to re-group

October 1, 2011


[Nat] ~ Thank heaven the pool initiative was defeated. There were too many unanswered questions, too many inequities, too many generalizations. And far, far too much invective. But I suspect that the majority who voted against the initiative would also agree that the pool idea is a good one. It would be an asset to […]

Wonderful Idea – but NO

September 17, 2011


[Nathaniel Brown] ~ Dear friends and neighbors, I am writing to you to ask you to vote “no” on the pool. This is not because I don’t want an aquatic centre in Princeton. Much to the contrary, I think it is a wonderful idea, and if a fund drive were to be organized, I would […]

Princeton Pool Perspective – What is going on?

September 14, 2011


[Ed Muckle] ~ What is Going On ??? Does the Mayor want a New Pool? He appoints a Committee to “Determine the FACTS”. They turn out to be a rah rah crowd with no information. No Definite location for the pool. No specific Plan of what they want to build. No Guarantee of cost of […]

Perceived Entitlement

September 1, 2011


[Diane Sterne] ~ We live in a time of perceived “entitlement”. Many believe that because they are good people and work hard, they are entitled to get what they want. While it would be wonderful to live in a world like this, reality is quite different. Would I like to have a pool for my […]

Who Should Pay For Pool Upgrade?

August 31, 2011


[Nienke Klaver & Ed Staples] ~ We would like to share with you several of our concerns regarding the proposed Princeton Aquatic Centre and the upcoming referendum on September 24th. The first concern we have is that the proposed Aquatic Centre parcel tax is unfair. There are many people in this community who live on […]

Nothing To Be Gained

August 12, 2011


[Anonymous] ~ The overly hasty decision of the pool committee to proceed with the referendum after the RDOS Board’s decision last Thursday exposes the whole process for the political sham that it has been from start to finish. The degree of anger at splitting the vote shown by the mayor, the [Redacted], the recreation centre […]

There Should Be Two Votes

August 4, 2011


[Spencer Coyne] ~ Area H does carry a lot of what happens in the town including the Arena and now Riverside. As for this referendum I am a little perplexed as to why the Town residents are voting on the same referendum question as Area H residents are. It will be the RDOS borrowing the […]

BYLAW NO. 2541 – pay it again Sam

August 1, 2011


A reader sends us this heads up: “This is an added tax that we will be paying for the arena as well as the wellness centre. Osoyoos had an increase of only .26 and I was wondering why our area was so much higher? This increased tax for these buildings was not brought up at […]

Same Consultant – Different Story

July 26, 2011


[Nienke Klaver] ~ In the spring of 2008, the Town of Princeton retained Bruce Carscadden Architect Inc (BCA), Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants (PERC), and their consultant team of structural, code, and costing professionals to consider the feasibility of an indoor aquatic centre. They do not recommend or advise against the pool. The same consultants did […]

Don’t Let Princeton Vote For Us

July 26, 2011


There is a petition circulating asking Area H residents to support their democratic independence within the regional district. Here is what the information sheet says: A referendum for Princeton together with the diverse communities of Area H is scheduled for September 24. The process is flawed. The amalgamation of the Town of Princeton and Area […]