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The Outram Echo is intended to be a place where people can voice their opinions about things that concern area H and the unique communities in it such as Eastgate, Allison Lake, Coalmont, Missezula Lake, Manning Park, Princeton Fringe, Princeton-Summerland Corridor,  Osprey Lake, and Tulameen.

If you wish to add something here, you can send us a letter, article, or just the relevant information, and we will put it up for all to read. Send e-mail to editor (at) netopit (dot)com

You could also just type your letter into the “Leave a Reply” comment box at the bottom of this page. We will take it from there and put it up as an article. Be sure to include your e-mail address (it won’t be published) and perhaps what community you live in too.

Note that we will put your name with the article. If anonymity is important, then we will consider that in some cases. Inappropriate, rude, defamatory, or illegal, content will be ignored.

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Voice your opinion

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