Welcome Quads and Motorcycles to the KVR

Posted on May 4, 2012


This information sheet is circulated by several Osprey Lake organizations


There is a problem on this Osprey and Link Lake section of the KVR. Here’s what you can do to help us to continue to have motorized access to this amazing transportation corridor.

The Problem

Speeding, Noise, Dust, Trail Damage, Disrespect of other trail users – Horses, Hikers, and Cyclists.

There are very powerful forces at work to ban all motorized use of the KVR. The actions of a few users are putting access for all motorized users at risk.

The Vermillion Trails Society has spent over $10,000 here in the last two years on dust control and grading.

Near Osprey Lake, in the past two years there have been three quad accidents and one motorcycle accident resulting in six riders being seriously injured.

How You Can Help

Respect other trail users – Stop for horse riders, turn off your engine and let them pass you – and slow down to a crawl before and after passing hikers and cyclists. Share the Trail – Respect Speed Limits – limit noise and dust. Minimize damage to the KVR by keeping a steady slow throttle. Do not make “Donuts” or “Dig out” creating ruts.

Do not drive back and forth on the trail or on roads in front of adjacent property owners. Use the KVR to get to and from other trails that lead to fun and adventure.

Join a Club – The local clubs through ATVBC represent you to government and lobby for access and advancement of the sport. Help them help you.

Need info on local trails? Call Rob Miller of Osprey Snowheelers ATV/Snowmobile Club 250-295-6420 – or check out www.ospreylake.ca

Have Fun – Ride Aware – Wear Helmets and Protective Gear – and return home safely.

Osprey Snowheelers ATV/Snowmobile Club
Osprey Area Ratepayers
Hayes Creek Firefighters

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