Community Meeting

Posted on April 16, 2013


Last Saturday, Brad Hope hosted a lunch meeting for Area ‘H’ community members at the Riverside Community Centre. The main purpose of the gathering was to discuss the Community Forest funds which will be coming available. However, there were several other presentations which were relevant to the area.

Rob Smylie showed off his pet respirator kits for which he had found funding and could now donate to area fire departments or any organization where these could be put to good use. This is a personal project of his, and he has been very successful so far.

Heather Larratt gave a lengthy presentation about invasive mussels. So far we have been very lucky in the West and the mussels have not arrived yet, but in the East they are causing a lot of trouble. It is only a matter of time before we get the same problems here and heather’s suggestion is that we use this lead time wisely and develop preventative programs.

Finally, Rob Marshall, Timberland Manager for Weyerhaeuser, gave a presentation on how the Community Forest areas were being managed and how the revenue will be distributed three ways between the Upper Similkameen Indian Band, Town of Princeton, and Area ‘H’. The exact figures have yet to be calculated and they will vary per year, but it looks like Area ‘H’ will likely get more than $120,000 per year for the next little while. The rest of the meeting was spent discussing eligibility and project criteria.

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