Community Vision

Posted on August 6, 2011


As many know, the draft official community plan is now available for comment. One of the cornerstones of that document, developed with extensive community consultation, is the community vision.

Section 5.0 outlines a set of common expectations and a shared vision among the different communities that comprise the Electoral Area H. It emphasizes values residents care most about and is expressed in the present tense since it represents how it is hoped that the area will be described in the future.

Electoral Area ‘H’ is a safe and peaceful rural area with small centres of
settlement that support a balance of permanent and seasonal residents.
Growth is guided in a way that balances economic, environmental and
social sustainability and generally occurs within existing settlement areas.
In order to attract residents, such as young families and professionals, there
is a strong economic and employment base that offers year-round work
opportunities. This includes service, commercial and industrial uses within
the Town of Princeton, along with mining, renewable energy and tourism
opportunities throughout the rural area.

Local agriculture is strongly supported by area residents, who value organic
and sustainable practices and support the on-going use of arable land for
agricultural production, including traditional activities such as cattle

Respect for the environment is a core value. This entails protection of
natural resources, good drinking water, healthy lakes and watercourses,
and safe wastewater treatment. New development is respectful of the
environment, and there are protected parks and open spaces throughout
the area.

The natural environment is celebrated for its low-impact outdoor recreational
opportunities, including access to the back-country for cross-country skiing,
hiking, biking, bird watching, horseback riding and fishing. Motorised
activities, such as boating, snowmobiling and the use of all terrain vehicles
(ATVs) are pursued in a manner that is respectful of other users and the

Local health services including permanent and full-time doctors, a local
clinic, dentist and home support services are valued by area residents.
There is also social support for residents of all ages, including local
educational and protective services, and there is diversity in housing

Public comment on the draft OCP is welcomed. Click on the link in the sidebar on the right to go to the appropriate RDOS web page.

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